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Since January, 1st, 2011, the Croatian-German Dictionary has been completed by two more dictionaries. We now also offer a German-English dictionary containing more than 200 000 translations, and a Croatian-English dictionary. By using the function "suggest new translation", the dictionary will continue to grow steadily and will always contain new, up to date translations. Before we add a new English word to it is checked by a native speaker. Thus, we are able to ensure that only correct and sensible translations will appear on is not only easy and quick to use, but it produces results within the shortest possible time. A major advantage of the German-English dictionary of is that the entry of German special characters (ä, ö, ü, ß) can be neglected and the German word will still be found and displayed. Thus, you can use abroad without switching the keyboard first.

The biggest advantage of the German-English dictionary is that, just like the German-Croatian dictionary, it is based on a BEOLINGUS lexicon. This ensures that visitors from all different backgrounds (school, work or private) will get correct translations. In case that cannot find a word’s translation, the translation might be found in’s forum. Simply register for free and ask our helpful and competent members for assistance. There is a separate area for visitors of the German-English dictionary, where there are special English areas. will recognize your request, even if you enter a verb in its conjugated form. The infinitive will appear above the box containing the infinitive.

In the German-English online dictionary of you cannot just look for single words but also for commonly used phrases such as "Happy Birthday", "Merry Christmas", etc.. Especially helpful for English-speaking users is the fact that the entire site can be displayed in English. Simply click on the icon with the British flag, and the page will be reloaded immediately. It is very important to us to only show correct translations in our German-English dictionary. Therefore, any new suggested translation is checked carefully and thoroughly by native speakers and is only published afterwards. If you nevertheless run into a bad translation, please simply click on "report error", enter the wrong word with its correct translation and send it to us. We will then correct it as soon as possible.

If the translation of a word is missing or you know a better one, we ask for your help! Please share your knowledge with us and other users of the German-English online dictionary and click the "suggest new translation" button. Only with your help we are able to further expand the German-English area of
Another innovation at are the flaschards. Now, you can create and save individual learning and flash cards for any language. Any number of words and translations can be saved and shared with other members.