Nouns declension

The most difficult part to learn in all languages is grammar. For anyone, who wants to learn a new language, nominative, accusative, genitive, and so on can be bugging and a cause for despair. For this reason, croDict is now offering another great help for German and Croatian. From now on, nouns can be declined on croDict.

The best part is that it is very easy. First select the language you are looking for, either German or Croatian. Then enter the word in the search field. It makes no difference whether you enter the word in its basic form or in its declined form. Last, submit the search and you’re done. croDict will do the rest. Our program recognizes the relevant noun and will deliver within seconds the word’s complete declination in the selected language in singular and plural. This ist most helpful for croDict users who grew up monolingual, as especially in the Croatian language the basic form of a declined noun is sometimes not easy to recognize for beginners. In addition to the four cases of the English language (nominative, genitive, dative, and accusative), the Croatian language knows three more cases: locative, instrumental, and vocative. Thus, if you search for Croatian declined nouns, you will receive in total 14 cases. The declinations are very helpful for understanding sentences in the right way and for communnicating effectively. The reason for this is that in Croatian, the ending of the noun can change the whole meaning of a sentence. Thus, wrong declined nouns do not only make a sentence incromprehensible, but also may be the cause for unpleasant misunderstandings. You can avoid this by checking in on croDict and looking up the correct declination of nouns.


Our tip: Use croDict’s flashcards to help you remember this vast number of declined nouns. Create a new flashcard. with the looked up declination and test yourself again and again. Thus, you will more easily remember the declination and your vocabulary of the foreign language will increase. Of course, the flashcards cannot only be used for declined nouns in Croatian or German, but also for new vocabulary, sentences, or numbers in all other languages.


In addition to our German-Croatian dictionary, croDict has been offering an Englisch-Croatian and a German-English dictionary to its visitors for some time now. We constantly increase our vocabulary as new translations can be suggested by anyone. As we wish to maintain croDict’s high quality, every proposed translation is revised and corrected if necessary. Thus, we ensure that only correct translations will be displayed.