Conjugate verbs online

Visitors of the multilingual online dictionary have been able to view conjugated German verbs for some time now. There are over 1,000 German verbs conjugated in the 14 most frequently used verb tenses. In addition to the present tense and the past tense, the present perfect and the past perfect will be displayed as well as the future tenses I and II. To preserve the clarity, the conjugated verb forms are divided into different sections, with a column containing the personal pronoun next to each. Thus, the right form can be found at one glance.

Since this service of has encountered a very positive response, we now provide this feature for English and Croatian verbs as well. Thus, visitors can now view conjugations and improve their vocabulary in all three languages of the online dictionary. That way, it is even easier to form your own sentences and to make translations, and uncertainties are eliminated even faster. This extension of is completed by the option to enter verbs in conjugated forms in the search field. The verb’s tense does not matter - will recognize and display the referring infinitive form in the header section of the translation. If the user wants to know what tense he entered, he can click the button “conjugate verb” and the verb’s complete conjugation will appear.

Conjugate German Verbs

Since has been providing the service to view conjugated German verbs for some time now, this database is very extensive and offers a large number of verb conjugations. Special characters do not need to be considered here either. This makes it easier for all visitors without a German keyboard who thus are able to enter verbs containing special characters without switching their keyboards first. Of course, the conjugated verbs will be displayed with the special characters in order to ensure correct spelling. Although we check all the conjugated verbs thoroughly, it may still happen that an error occurs here. We ask all our visitors for their assistance: please click the button "Report Error" and enter the wrong conjugation. If the conjugation database is lacking an important German verb, please simply suggest it to us, we will add this as soon as possible.

Conjugate Croatian Verbs

Finally, we can offer the feature to conjugate Croatian verbs as well. Since the Croatian language is very complex and there are many irregular verbs and special cases, this option is very helpful for those who want to expand and improve their language skills. Currently, the number of conjugated verbs is still relatively low. We depend on the active assistance of all visitors to increase the Croatian conjugations. Anyone who knows a conjugation to a Croatian verb can let us know. Simply click the button "suggest new translation" and enter the conjugated verb. We will review the proposed conjugation and then publish it so that all visitors can benefit from it. Thanks in advance to all those who share their knowledge with us! For the Croatian verbs, one does not have to pay attention to special characters either, so even with a German keyboard it is easy to enter the desired verb, and the correct conjugation will appear with special characters.

Englische Verben konjugieren

At the same time as we provided the option to conjugate Croatian verbs, also offered this feature for English verbs. Surely, there are much less exceptions and special cases in English than for German or Croatian, but all who want to learn English or brush up their skills will find a great help here. Currently, this part of the dictionary is still being set up, so we welcome any new English verb conjugation helping to expand

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