Conjugate english verbs

As of recently, is offering two other useful features to its visitors: the German-English and the Croatian-English dictionary. From now on, English verbs can be conjugated, too. Although the conjugation for the English language is much less complicated compared to the German and the Croatian language, the tables with conjugated English verbs are still very useful. For several years, has been offering conjugated German verbs in its German-Croatian dictionary; now Croatian verbs and English verbs can be easily read in their various tenses as well.

Like with the German verbs, also considers the special cases of the English verbs, so that cannot only be used for private purposes, but also for professional and academic purposes. Before publishing the conjugated English verbs, we review them very carefully and conscientiously. Still it may happen, though, that we oversee an error. In this case, we ask for your help: please click the button "report error" and write us where you found it, and, if known, you are of course welcome to add the correct form of the verb.

If you are missing the conjugation of an English verb, this can be easily changed. This applies to German verbs and Croatian verbs as well. One click on the button "suggest new translation", and you can enter the verb that is missing. Our team will be grateful for any help. Anyone who can contribute complete or partial conjugations for an English verb can suggest them. Any help to further increase the number of conjugated English verbs on is welcome and very much appreciated.

Like the entire dictionary, the display of the English conjugations is also very clear. There are several boxes in which one or two tenses are conjugated, to the side, there are the personal pronouns, so that within a glance, it can be seen clearly which verb belongs to which person and to what tense.

To view the conjugation of an English verb without knowing the infinitive, any known form of the verb can be entered in the search field. will recognize what the infinitive of the word is and will display it. If you then wish to view the conjugation, simply click the button "conjugate verb" and within no time the verb’s entire conjugation will be shown. The same applies of course to Croatian verbs.

In addition to the present tense and past tense, the forms of future tense I and II and the present perfect and past perfect are shown on The conjugated English verbs will appear in the most common and widely used tenses and thus offer a great help to all interested visitors. There are still more conjugations for Croatian and German verbs, but we are working hard to provide a large number of conjugated English verbs as well.

For those who want to create their own flash cards, we created the functionality to save all the interesting words in your individual flashcards. Here, you can learn and save words in any language.

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