Writing Numbers / Spelling Out Numbers

In addition to all standard translations of words, short sentences, and phrases, croDict.com offers another interesting and helpful service to its users: the translation of numbers.

Whether the German-Croatian dictionary, the English-German Dictionary or the English-Croatian dictionary, in all three dictionaries, this feature is available. The special advantage is that you must enter only the required number into the search field. Depending on the dictionary the visitor is using, the searched number will then be displayed in the two referring languages. For example, when entering the number 101, in the German-Croatian dictionary, the translation will be "einhunderteins" or "stojedanaest". The same applies to the English dictionaries. The German dictionary also features the referring ordinal numbers; for the other two languages, this module is still being built, but will be available as well.

All numbers up to 999.999.999 can be displayed easily, clearly, and correctly. Even longer number combinations such as 40.310, 123.456, 9.686.766 or 239.198.610, can be easily and quickly displayed in the different languages by our program. Just try it out!

Times at croDict

The basic vocabulary of each language also covers the ability to tell the time. Thus, croDict.com offers its visitors the opportunity to read the correct time in all three languages. You do not need to pay attention to the country-specific characteristics. The system will automatically recognize that e.g. in English you distinguish between "a.m." and "p.m.". Of course, in our German-Croatian dictionary the times will be displayed in a 24 hour-system. If you are looking for the translation of a quarter to three p.m. just enter 2:45 pm. The German translation will be 14:45. You only need to enter a colon between the number of hours and minutes, click search, and the translation will appear in no time.

As with all the translations in our German-English, English-Croatian, and German-Croatian dictionary, also the translations of numbers and times are very clear. As everywhere on croDict.com, the special characters are displayed in the translations, so that the high quality standard is maintained. croDict.com offers a good and elaborate help to improve or build language skills for academic, private, or professional purposes. Next to each translated number, the referring flag will appear, so that it is clear at first glance to which language a translation belongs.

Here again, croDict.com depends on your help to further expand and improve our dictionary. If any translation is missing or you find an error, please just click on the referring buttons and help us. If you want to save your own spelled out numbers or times, most recently, you have the opportunity to create flashcards on croDict.com. You cannot only use English vocabulary, German vocabulary, or Croatian vocabulary, but also save and share vocabularies in any language with your individual flashcards.