In numerous languages, we differentiate between formal and informal address. In German, this is manifested in the use of 'DU' and 'SIE'. To provide you with the most accurate translation possible, we offer you this option. Example:
  • Informal: “Hi, kako si?” ⇒ “Hey, how are you?”
  • Formal: “Pozdrav, kako ste? ⇒ “Hello, how are you?”

In some languages, verb conjugation depends on gender, as is the case in Slavic languages. Example:
  • “Ja sam vozio auto” ⇒ I drove the car (male)
  • “Ja sam vozila auto” ⇒ I drove the car (female)
By utilizing this option, you significantly enhance the quality of your translation.

There are languages where the verb is conjugated according to the gender of the addressee - Croatian is one example of this. By paying attention to this nuance, you greatly improve the quality of your translation. If you do not know the gender, a 'neutral' option is available. Example:
  • Jesi li kupila dinju? ⇒ Did you buy the watermelon? (female)
  • Jesi li kupio dinju? ⇒ Did you buy the watermelon? (male)
  • Jeste li kupili dinju? ⇒ Did you all buy the watermelon? (plural, gender undefined)

Our new translation tool is excellently suited to translate texts of all kinds - from casual everyday language to formal administrative documents.

There are languages that use different alphabets, such as Cyrillic or Greek. With our tool, you have the option to choose in which script the translation should be displayed. This greatly facilitates reading the translation.

We founded croDict in 2003 and have always provided it for free since then. Our goal was and is to create the most comprehensive and best dictionary. However, text translations are significantly more complex and require more extensive knowledge, more programmers, and various tools, which are associated with costs. Your contribution flows 100% into the further development of croDict and serves exclusively to make our dictionary even better.

We currently support the following languages: German, Croatian, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Serbian, Greek.

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As a payment service provider, we rely on Stripe, where you can easily pay with your credit card. Through Stripe, you have the possibility to extend or cancel your membership at any time.

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