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I go, you go, he goes – obvious in English, but what about Croatian or German? With those languages, many hit their limits quickly, but not Here, you will find a huge number of Croatian, English, and German verb conjugations for the usual tenses. Just try it out and conjugate different verbs online.

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In this section you will find numerous flashcards in English, Croatian, Spanish, French, Latin, and many other languages. In addition, you will find interesting flashcards for the topics medicine, mathematics, computer sciences, grammar, and many more. Simply learn with existing learning and flashcards or create your own cards and share them with your friends. Thus, learning becomes fun - simple, modern and easy!

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Since 2006, the German-Croatian dictionary has been offering many high-quality online translations to its visitors. After several complete revisions, an English-Croatian and a German-English dictionary now complete our service. The special feature of is that visitors can participate actively. We offer the frequently used function "suggest new translation", so that the vocabulary is always up to date. Another very popular feature is "conjugate verbs", here, German, English, and Croatian verbs are conjugated in the usual tenses. Recently, the online dictionary is offering another special service to its visitors. Vocabulary and flashcards in any languages can be created (including specific characters), saved , and shared with friends.